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Posted on June 08 2017


After talking to a lot of our lovely customers online I decided to write this to answer one of the many questions as to who is Marbecs, how did the store come around and whats the goal behind the idea.

The name Marbecs is a joint name between myself Becky 'Rebecca' and Marcus (partner). Behind the store and is just the works of a young stay at home mother.

As a fashion dreamer and my high desire for the finest designer looks Marbecs has been a sole idea to sourcing out the best yet quality trendy looks at an affordable rate and brought closer to home. I have always wanted to work for myself, do something I have a passion for. Something about the joy of seeing gorgeous ladies dressed up in something I find stunning and beautiful, all outfits chosen for the site are carefully selected by myself influenced by stylists, fashion expects and also desire.  


Raised from a family with a background of multiple business experiences and to have a partner with years of experience in various businesses a new venture into this business idea was somehow best fit. One thing I believe in is that it takes time and hard work to build an empire, that also effort and passion marks a clear road map to a successful empire. 

 I am 100% available and committed to what I do and I guess when you do what you love you make it work nor matter whats the challenge. Being a mum and a mum boss at the same time has been a dream come true so far.

The main idea behind the store is to bring designer, trendy, stylish and celebrity inspired outfits and accessories to women of all class at an affordable if not reasonable costs. We all nowadays want the good looks, to keep up with the forever changing modern fashion and above with the desire and love for the many designer outfits and handbags ideally its not for everyone to easily access and Marbecs is somehow a way to meet that need half way.

I hope you love what we have to offer and hope to hear all your views and reviews.

Thank you for all your support.


Written by;

Rebecca x


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