Blazer Dress Trend

September 18, 2017

Blazer Dress Trend - Marbecs Boutique

To many, the look may be considered old. But it looks like the style is finding it's way back to the trend this season and we could not help but just love it. Blazer dresses have once in the past been the talk of fashion. Designers of all types has made the best out of the trend and we all went crazy for the look. Who wouldn't! They are one sexy and glamorous looks made easy simple but classy. 

We have seen a number of celebrity icons embracing the beauty of the trend then and recently. The likes of Kim Kardashian have made the look go global and was recently also spotted at the NYFW wearing a blazer dress. Kylie Jenner, Rihanna, Bella Hadid and Cara Deleringne are some of the many celebrities that have been spotted in blazer dresses.


Kim-Kardashians in New-York-City wearing Balmain-Double-Breasted-Dress in 2015

Kim-Kardashians in New-York-City wearing Balmain Double-Breasted Dress in 2015

Kim Kardashian recently spotted wearing a blazer dress to attend the opening of Vivenne Westood's new N.Y.C. flagship. Blazer by the designer. 2017


Cara Delevingne in Emilio Pucci

Bella Hadid at 2017 CFDA awards


And many more others we will continue sharing their looks as inspiration on our social media pages 

You can also shop the look with our 'Popi blazer dress'. The velvet blazer dress is a stunning look bringing the glam bang look back to live. And goes very well for nights out and special occasions during this changing season.



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