About Us

Marbecs boutique is a small online business run and owned by a stay home mum. The store is aimed at providing good quality, trendy, luxury and celebrity inspired ladies fashion at a reasonable if not affordable prices nation wide. Products are selected carefully and sampled from manufacturers all over the world to insure quality and carefully asses the make, and also to meet the quality of that inspired look.
*Note some of our products will be labeled pre-order. This is only because we are expecting the goods or the fact that we want to test the market and see if these are the right products for our valuable customers.Bare with us there! All of those are guaranteed delivery within 10-working days. Our products are sourced from Asia, UK and America. Well made and of high quality.
Our store is located in Dublin, Ireland and was formally founded in 2015. As a company we are dedicated to offer the best by all means without any disappointments.

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